Country Assignments

We are accepting Country Assignments starting November 13th to November 19th (early preference submission).

Country Assignments can absolutely change after the early preference submission deadline.

Country Assignment Rules:

If you have any questions regarding Country Assignments, never hesitate to contact the Secretary-General (!

All delegations will be automatically granted their NMUN Member State assignments. If you have not received the full list, please contact the Secretary-General.

Latest Update: 2/2/2017, 8:06:10 PM

Below are the current country assignments. To narrow the listing, you can use the search filter on the top right of the table to filter based on team (i.e. type 'Sinclair'), Member State (i.e. type 'China'), committee (i.e. type 'SC'), etc.

Country Assignments (XXIV)

Coming soon!

School Country Committee
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